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+ year record of effectively leading and managing U.S and international remote user experience teams.

My objective is to nurture collective growth and cohesion within the team. I specialize in fostering inclusive environments where every team member can thrive.

I've managed remote teams members based in:

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Team Process

Efficient processes are the cornerstone of any successful team. Over the years, I've honed operational mechanics within the teams I've led, aiming to optimize efficiency and attention to detail.

My approach prioritizes objectivity, brings forward clarity, and facilitates collaboration.


Develop Culture

Fostering a strong team culture is key towards improving communication and collaboration. With a focus on collective growth, I've successfully brought my teams together, creating a unique culture.

I've achieved this through collaborative team-building activities, some of which were developed internally. I have also placed a strong emphasis on team visibility through consistent communication and sharing sessions.

Fostering Diversity

According to McKinsey, companies in the top 25% for ethnic and cultural diversity are 36% more profitable than those in the bottom quarter.

Diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives, enriching both internal dynamics and also resonate with a global company's customer base. Through training and experience, I've honed the ability to drive engagement, growth, and innovation through diversity and inclusion within my teams.

I've done so by following inclusive hiring practices, celebrating teams diverse cultures, prioritizing ux accessibility

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