I'm Rahul Rahate

I am a multidisciplinary User Experience Leader. My background includes people management, information architecture, ux design and ui engineering.

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Work Projects

Photo Search

Photo Search feature on Graingers Mobile App

Design System

Design and development of freewheels design system

Ads Marketplace

Design of a marketplace of ad products

Revenue Management

Expedias Revenue Management Portal for partners

Ad Manager

A dashboard to help hotels advertise their property


A web-app that enables hotels to analyze their performance

Hotel Details

Responsive web page providing details about a hotel

Search Results

Responsive search results for a hotel search

Internal Tool

Inception and groundup design of the white label tool

Marriott Rewards

The redesign of the Marriott Rewards account managemnt portal
Passion Projects

Da Buzzer

QR Doorbell - iOS & Android app

Standup Shuffle

Web app that shuffles the participant order of meetings


A Sticker App focused on Mumbai culture

Sugar Sugar

iOS app built for tracking blood sugar levels

Diaper Tracking

Webapp built with jQuery & firebase
Built by Rahul